Monday, January 14, 2008

The Pink Koala!

Yay! The Pink Koala has a blog! With this Blog I will be posting the current Pink Koala projects. The Pink Koala started in 2004 by selling scarves.Currently The Pink Koala includes knitted Scarves, hats, ear warmers, baby blankets, jewelry, and various polymer clay creations. The Pink Koala blog is also your place to find out about and keep track of The Penguins of Sydney and The 2008 Party Animals and Friends!
The Penguins of Sydney were introduced in October of 2007. They are a group of penguins currently living in Austrailia. They are each unique and no two are alike, just like us! Each Penguin who is up for adoption comes with a birth certificate telling a little bit about each one. They all look forward to going to their forever homes!
The 2008 Party Animals are all elephants or donkeys. Sometimes they dont agree on the same issues but they are all best friends! The 2008 Party Animals are looking forward to the 2008 elections! The 2008 Party Animals also come with a certificate of birth telling a little bit about them and cant wait to go home with you and help root for your candidate!

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