Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flock of Geese

Everyday I make it a habit to go to the park across from my house. I usually ponder what I am going to do during the rest of the day and lately have been praying for a friend who was diagnosed with leukemia. But the other day I was on the swing and noticed a flock of geese flying over. Although I have seen many flocks of geese, this one attracted me more than usual. I noticed they were flying in a perfect V (the same as all the other geese I have seen), but I started thinking about how they know how to fly in a V, but yet I worry about whether or not I will always know what to do. I thought of a verse in the Bible in the book of Matthew that says something about not worrying about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. I couldnt help but think of how I am always worring about my future instead of trusting God. How often do we think we might wake up one day and just not know what to do? Perhaps we should just trust God and let tomorrow worry about its self!

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