Monday, March 17, 2008

Eloise and Laddie Say Hello!!!

Eloise and Laddie Say Hello! Eloise is the Calico and Laddie is the Brown Tabby. I found them both as strays hungry for food! My roommate has the gray cat louise who wished us a Happy Valentines Day. Eloise and I arrived yesterday at my parents house. We are staying here for the week due to Spring Break! I havnt decided how I will spend the week, but I am sure I will make many polymer clay figurines and make those sculptures I have had in the back of my mind and not had the time to do. Since I will be living in Italy for the Summer, we decided not to go anywhere. My mom and I will also probably do alot of shopping in Tulsa throughout the week. We are looking forward to going to Chic-fil-a too!!

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