Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is Kyle's Easter Basket! He got lots of peanut butter things!
These were the only easter decorations we had up. Next year I hope to make some bunny ornaments to decorate an easter tree with.

I thought this little girl and duck were cute and had kindof an easter touch!

These are from my room. What could be more easter than a crucifix? Christ died as payment for our sins, we can do nothing to earn that...not even baptism gets us to heaven, just faith in christ and knowing he died on the cross. The little church on the top is one that my french friend Caroline gave me when I went to visit her in Paris.

This is my dear ol' pops calling my brother to tell him Happy Easter. He lives in Chicago.

Praise God! Today is the reason we have eternal life......and the easter bunny makes lots of children happy! Have fun hiding eggs and eating lots of candy!

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